Butte Rest Day

July 04, 2010

We went for the hotel breakfast this morning. The menu consisted of three meals of which guests can choose one. I ate the first, requested the next meal, and topped it off with the third. I’ve never before been able to say I’ve eaten an entire menu in one sitting.

Afterwards we rode into town to the Ourdoorsman – a bike shop owned by Rob Leipheimer (Levi Leipheimer of Team RadioShack’s brother). We had been recommended to go there by most cyclist we’d met along the route. Unfortunately the bike shop was closed and Rob was not in. Afterall, it was July 4. I left my number with a receptionist (the bike shop is attached to a hotel).

We returned to our hotel and found Rob had already called and left a message. He offered to open his shop early tomorrow to service us. What a great guy!

Mathieu was craving a pizza, so we rode into Uptown Butte. We had no idea where to go, so we just rode. I asked some locals the best place to eat and they suggested Trimbos. We found Trimbos in the heart of Uptown and ordered 14″ pizzas – mine with bacon and olives. I ate it all and finished it with a Black Butte Porter.

We paid and in my change was five extra dollars. I returned it to the server. How nice of me, right?
Later that day, I was writing some blog entries and uploading images (at this point, I was still in New Mexico!). Guess what was laying on the floor of the hotel lobby…$10. No owners of it were around, so I kept it. Cool!

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