Colter Bay Rest Day

June 27, 2010

Last night was very cold in our wall tent. Our body heat escaped into the cold air circulating below our cots. Tonight, I’ll sleep on my mattress pad on top of the cot.

Auke, Jenn, and mom woke very early and drove to take pictures of the Teton barns. Mathieu and I slept in until 8:00.

We assumed our normal rest day routine: bike maintenance, replenishing energy stores, updating journals and blogs, etc. I was especially happy to unload the rest of my spare gear and get a new chain. The old chain had stretched a few inches! Luckily my cassette accepted the unstretched chain without skipping.


My mom and sister came back from a hike and we went to a gravel beach to eat lunch. I enjoyed the crackers, cheese, and Blue Moon.


I decided to take a swim in the lake. It’s been a while since my last proper shower, but I thought this might count as one. The water was numbingly cold, but I managed to force myself all the way in eventually.


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