Silver City

Josh and I woke up early and moved out of our temporary appartment. We headed to the cafe to get some food and check the internet. I tried to eat a chocolate muffin. Every swallow felt as if there were razor blades in the bread. My throat was probably sore from dehydration and the dry dusty air from yesterday.

Afterwards, Josh and I drove to the college he is going to attend in the Fall. It had showers we could use…and I could really use one. Unfortunately when we got there, they were closed for cleaning. We waited outside – sitting in the shade. We didn’t know it would be a few hours before the showers opened.

After we took our long-awaited showers, we went back to the cafe to check the internet again. I saw that Mathieu and Auke were somewhere in town.

At this point, Josh and I were getting extremely hungry – the light-headed and nauseaus type of hunger. Even pushing my bike down the block to a Mexican restaurant was a challenge. The chips and salsa almost instantly made me feel better.

Before our meal came, Mathieu and Auke walked into the restaurant, accompanied by Glen – a mountain biker from Silver City. They recognized my bike, which was leaning against a wall outside. After much internet and phone communication, we are finally a group of riders!

After lunch, Josh and I visited some bike and camping stores. The owners were familiar with the Great Divide and I enjoyed talking to them about it.

After a while, Josh and I split ways and I rode with Mathieu and Auke to their hotel. We found a Walmart and purchased supplies to last the next five days. After a Subway sandwich for dinner, we called it a night.

Tomorrow we start the long stretch to Pie Town.

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