Steamboat Springs Rest Day

June 17, 2010

Very lazy day today.

I cleaned my bike very thoroughly, relocated to another hotel in town, and tried (unsuccessfully) to bring my blog up-to-date.

I ate a lot of food…too much food:
Trail mix, turkey stuffing, Dr Pepper, Pringles, dried fruit, and other things.

Before bed, I decided to clean my camelbak bladder. After all, it was filled with two day old unfiltered stream water. I unintentionally drank some of it in the cleaning process.

Night fell and I went to bed – happily without a stomach ache this time. Little did I know this would be my worse night yet.

I woke up at 1:30 to a churning stomach. I went to the toilet thinking if I sat there long enough my troubles would pass. I stood up and flushed, ready for more sleep…but my body was not done purging itself.

Standing up made me dizzy and soon enough I was on my knees puking into the toilet. When the session ended, I was relieved and glad it was over. At least I can sleep better now, I though.

At the sink, I drank some water and brushed my teeth. I waited a bit before laying back in my cot just to make sure I was finished. I was not…

Another round of puking followed. Afterwards, I went back to bed and slept.

An hour later, I woke with a familiar feeling. I barely made it back to the sink this time. I knelt there for an eternity. Puking…waiting…then puking more. My stomach was empty, but the heaving continued until my body hurt.

When it finally subsided, I ripped the sheets off the bed and slept on the floor. I woke a few hours later and felt good enough to more back to the bed.

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