Finalized Plans

The school semester finally finished and now I’m back home in Chicago. I only have two weeks until the trip begins. Here’s what the plan is for the first few days.

First of all, I found two riding partners with the help of Adventure Cycling’s Companions Wanted list. Both are gentlemen from the Netherlands. Mathieu van Rijswick is from Eindhoven and Auke van der Weide is from Heerenveen. Mathieu is a scientist/engineer in his 60’s who did mountain climbing back in the day. Auke is an architect nearing his 40’s who, I’m told, has a talent for photography. They are flying into Tuscon, AZ and will ride three or four days to Hachita, NM (the first town on the route where we will meet). Their ETA in Hachita is May 23 or 24.

To get to the start of the route, I am taking a Greyhound bus from Chicago to Deming, NM. The bus leaves May 20 at 21:30 and arrives May 22 at 09:00 (yes, it’s a 36 hour ride). When I arrive in Deming (hopefully on time, but probably not), I will likely rejoice that bus ride from hell is over. Seriously though, I’ll assemble my bike, pick up food and last minute supplies, check for updates from Mathieu and Auke at the local library, and ride to Rock Hound State Park where I’ll spend the first night. It’s only 15 miles from Deming so even if Greyhound runs late I’ll be able to get there. Worst case scenario – I’ll find a hotel in Deming.

The next morning (May 23) I will affix all my gear to the bike and ride back into town to check the status of my partners. Hopefully I’ll find out whether they’ll be in Hachita that night or the next. I’ll either ride to Hachita (60 miles) or back to Rock Hound for another night. When I get to Hachita, I’ll finally meet my riding partners. I think the plan is to leave much of our gear in town and ride to the border and back (90 miles) that next day. Beyond that, I have no concrete plans. As Lau Tzu said, “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving.”

A lot could go wrong in those first days – the library closes early on the day I arrive in Deming and is not open the next day. I may need to find alternative ways to access the internet. Even then, Mathieu and Auke may have the same problem and not be able to let me know which day they’ll get to Hachita. We certainly have to work out some contingency plans so we can successfully meet.

6 thoughts on “Finalized Plans

  1. Mary B.

    Dave! I’m glad you found riding partners! It all sounds very exciting! Make sure to stay safe and I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Ton Mulderij

    Hi Dave
    I am a former collegue of Mathieu and he told me about his new adventure (and yours)! When I was reading your message about arriving at the library too late, I realised something Mathieu wrote on his previous trip. He often could use the library internet connection from outside the building as they sometimes leave on the wifi connection. I do not know if you have your own computer with you, but if you are not depending on the computers of the library you might get lucky just on the steps of the library.
    No garantees, but just give it a try !!

    Good luck and lots of fun on your trip !!!

  3. Uncle Steve

    Hey Dave,
    Your off and riding on a trip of a lifetime! I wish I could be with you. (Then I’d really lose some weight!:) Marathon runners say that it’s more about your mind, than your body – so it may be true for your trip. So keep positive, and keep it real. Know what you can do, and plan ahead. AND MOST OF ALL, LIVE FREE & FEEL ALIVE!

    Uncle Steve

  4. Steve

    Hi Dave,
    Thinking of you, and wishing you a safe journey.
    btw – these math problems are getting difficult:)

  5. Mom

    Hi Dave!
    Looks like the anti-spam isn’t quite working…
    You missed your second bus transfer…your equipment left without you…your travel has been extended to 48 hours! Hang in there. Take it one day at a time. Improvise, adapt, overcome! I’m sure this is only the first fly in the ointment. A good nights rest in Deming will feel good.
    Thinking of you…Safe travels.
    Love, Mom

  6. becky kroes

    Hi David, wow I remember your mom talking about this bike trip and now you are actually riding. OK mom stuff, be safe look out for bad guys hahaha JK stay away from bears bla bla bla. Enjoy the trip of your life may the winds be at your back. Love aunt becky

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