Deming, NM

Well, I finally arrived in Deming, NM. The supposedly 36 hour ride actually took 45 hours. That’s Greyhound for you, I guess. The ride was longer because I couldn’t get onto my transfer bus in Dallas – it was full. Unfortunately, though, my bike and gear made it onboard and the baggage guys wouldn’t let me take it off…even after knowing I would be on a different bus. They said it would be waiting for me in my final destintion…it isn’t.
So I’m now in Deming trying (unsuccessfully) contact Greyhound about my baggage. If I get them back in time, I may be able to make Hachita on the 24th. If not, I will try to meet Mathieu and Auke in Grants.

And to top it off, this blog is being hit hard with comment spam. I’ve changed settings so administrative approval is needed before comments are posted.

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  1. Mathieu van Rijswick

    Hi Dave,
    Auke and I are now (23th; 2:00 pm) in Chiricahua Nat’l Monument campsite. Auke does not feel well enough to continue to Portal/Hachita today. Our plan is to stay one more day here. On the 24th we decide to continue either to Portal and most probably take the paved roads to Silver City, or if his condition does not improve we will go to Lordsburg (transported) and from there to Silver City. So for the coming days you better follow your own plans. We will try to phone today and tomorrow several times. There is a very nice gentleman here who offers his facilities. Please keep your phone at hand.

  2. Dave Post author

    As of 16:00 local time, I am in possession of my equipment box. My bike box is still missing. I am heading back to the greyhound station to intercept the last bus of the day. I will keep my phone on me.

  3. Steve

    Hi Dave,
    It sounds like your adventure has begun even before the bike riding! This story has all the making of a good book, so far. (You are in our prayers.) Keep in mind that your options can overcome your obstacles.

  4. Glen

    Computers ARE available at the college in Silver City, to visitors like yourselves. You CAN upload photos through your USB to the web (but not to the disk of course.) Miller Library is open 8-5 Monday through Friday.

    Or use either of two coffee shops downtown for free wi-fi. “Javalina” (Bullard and Broadway)actually has computers for rent I think. “Yankee Creek” (Yankee and Texas)is the other one. Also, McDonalds (Highway 180 East)

    If these don’t help you out, I will let you use my Windows laptop.

    Remember, even bad luck runs out in the end!


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