Deming, NM Part II

Hopefully I won’t be around for a part III…

This morning I went back to the Greyhound station to wait for more buses to come through. While waiting, a local guy walked in. He said he was waiting for a walker to come on the bus. I told him I was waiting for a lost bike. “Are you a rider?” “Are you Sam?” It was Sam Hughes picking up a Continental Divide Trail hiker. I though Greyhound lost a walking-aid of his. Sam lets hikers and bikers camp in his yard in Hachita and transports them to and from the trailheads. We were at one point planning to camp in his yard. Who knows if that will happen now.

We waited for the bus, which was late as usual. An hour and a half passed until the bus finally arrived with Phil – the CDT hiker. Unfortunately, the bus did not have my bicycle. The driver said he’d check in El Paso and call me if he found anything.

I am unsure what I will do if I cannot locate my bike in the near future.

One thought on “Deming, NM Part II

  1. Mom

    Congrats on being reunited with your bike! Looks like the trip is actually going to happen! I’m really happy for you! Safe travels…
    Love, Mom =)

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