The Wheels Are Turning

The 15:25 Greyhound coming from Los Angeles today had my bike on it! Better yet, I assembled it and it seems to be in the same condition as when I packed it.

Assembling the bike in the Chevron gas/Greyhound station:
Bike Assembly

Right now, my plan is to ride to Silver City tomorrow. We will not be starting from the border. The town that Mathieu and Auke are coming from did not have adequate food supplies to permit it. While it would be nice to be able to say we rode the entire Great Divide (not to mention easier: “we rode from Mexico to Canada” vs “we rode from 60 miles north of the Mexican border to Canada”), it is not that important. The experience is what brought me out here – not the numbers.

Change of plans. Mathieu and Auke are taking a rest day in Silver meaning I would be there for two rest/waiting days. To avoid spending two days in Silver, here is what I’m doing. Sam is going to drive me from Deming to Antelope Wells tomorrow morning. I will ride back to his place and spend the night there. Over the following two days I will ride to Silver, getting there probably mid-afternoon on Thursday (Mathieu and Auke’s rest day). It shouldn’t be too strenuous – 46 miles the first day then 78 miles over the subsequent two. Much of the time will be on paved roads. The great adventure truly begins tomorrow.

18 thoughts on “The Wheels Are Turning

  1. Glen

    Congratulations Dave on getting your bicycle! Too bad the bike isn’t keeping a parallel blog; it might have some pretty good stories to tell.

  2. Steve

    The adventure actually began last Thursday night, and this bicycle escapade has all been part of it. Congratulations and good luck:) Enjoy the ride.

  3. Dad

    Hi Dave,
    I am very happy / relieved that all the equiptment arrived in good condition. Be safe on the travel… good luck.
    We’ll be tracking your “Spot”.

  4. Dominic

    It seems that you had quite an interesting start.

    I will be watching the moving spot in Paris.

    I should have learned French before I got here.

    Keep pedaling…I don’t want to have to call you Nancy.

    Dominic A. Miller
    (The Walking Man’s Friend)

  5. Jenn

    Congrats! I hope the first few days start off well! I’m happy I get to see you in June!

  6. mark

    Hey Dave hows it going?? Have you made a camp fire yet?? Don’t start a forest fire now…lol Smokey the Bear wont help with the fire because he smoking all the time. When hes not smoking hes putting out Eric fires/chemical fires.

  7. Steve

    Hi Dave,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to your next post… (more pictures would be nice) Good luck, and keep-on pedaling:)

  8. opa

    Hi Dave,
    this is great progress. I am proud of you. I wish I could be there with you.

  9. Bob

    Dave if you need any assistance between Pie Town and Cuba, New Mexico, then let me know. Email me and I will send you my phone numbers in Albuquerque. A couple of years ago when I was doing the GDMBR in New Mexico, Verizon had the best cell phone service. I had T-Mobile and could be looking at a cell tower and not have service, but another fellow in my group had Verizon and he had service almost everywhere.

    You and your equipment are about to be “Gila Proven.” You will definitely know what I mean in a few days. Just know you will not be able to resupply between Mimbres and Grants (about 200 challenging miles for the uninitiated). There are no stores in Pie Town, and the two restruants have limited hours.

    In terms of water, if Rocky Canyon is dry, then look for Meason Spring after you climb out of the Canyon. It is a cement trough on the left. There may still be a wooden fence panel next to it.

    We are behind in precipitation this year, but Black Canyon should have water in it. After that it will probably be Beaverhead Work Center before you find water. From Wall Lake it is about 8 miles to BHWC. Beware of the lady on the four wheeler with the rifle at Wall Lake. She will let you know it is private property. However, just before Wall Lake the Esterlys at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch will give you water.

    Hopefully you are prepared. Good luck.

  10. mark ohio

    Hi Dave,
    Keep pedaling north and keep that eye on that north star because that you Dave.It is giving of your self when it then that you receive that gift. God bless you and all your new adventure.

  11. Fred & Marie

    Hi Dave, Glad to hear you finally got off on the trip. We made it to Fl too. Keep us posted.

  12. Dave Post author

    Hey Bob. Thanks for the information. We just made it to Grants after leaving Pie Town this morning. I saw your business card by the stairs in the Toaster House – that was such a cool place!
    The stream at Black Canyon had a decent flow whereas Rocky Canyon was more standing pools. We haven’t run short on water yet. At Wall Lake, that lady made sure we weren’t camping. She was nice about it – contrary to other stories I’ve heard.

  13. Jenn

    Hey Dave,
    Keep sending “I’m okay” pings every night. I’m going to save all those emails so you can track how far you’ve gone in a day.
    I’m proud of you!

  14. Dad

    Hi Dave,
    Good hearing from you yesterday. Sounds like you are meeting a lot of nice people along the route. You sound encouraged considering the miles and terrain you biked through.
    If you have a chance, download some video.

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