Whitefish Rest Day

July 11, 2010 – 0 miles

This morning we decided to head to the library to update our blogs and upload pictures, so we walked into town. The library was closed but the wifi was still on, so Mathieu did some blog maintenance on his iPod Touch. I walked around town looking for coffee shops with public computers. I didn’t find any, so I picked a shop and wrote in my journal while sipping a large coffee.

After a while, I left and went back to our hotel. The World Cup Finals was about to begin. Normally, I wouldn’t watch the game, but I did since the Netherlands was in it.

We went to a local supermarket before the game started to get some food to eat during the game. I brought back way too much food – a pound each of macaroni salad and potato salad! By the time the game was over, I had finished my salads and started to feel like crap.

We went out to a pizza place for dinner, but I did not order any. The heat of the ovens emanated through the entire restaurant. Standing in line with Mathieu was unbearable, so I sat on the sidewalk outside. I cursed my stupidity for eating so much.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and worked on our bikes until the sun went down. It took a long time to fall asleep. My stomach and chest hurt all night. I’ve never had heartburn before, but I think that is what it was.

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