Update to EatSleepRideGreatDivide.com

I’ve just released an update to EatSleepRideGreatDivide.com that I think is pretty cool. In addition to showing detailed elevation profiles of the route, riders carrying a SPOT tracker can add their ride information (blogs, etc.) and have their position shown on the map. You can also view a rider’s multi-day trail with a profile and ascent/descent statistics of the terrain they covered.

Those sitting at home can follow along and see who’s where and read up on their adventures. Those en-route can look ahead to see where other riders are (when in town).

So, if you’re riding the Divide this year and carrying a SPOT, add your information to Eat. Sleep. Ride. Great Divide. Give me and the other superfans out there the pleasure of living vicariously through your adventures.

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